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This site aims to become a forever free and public single point of entry for all System Reference Documents published under the Open Gaming License 1.0(a), Creative Commons - Attribution license, the Creative Commons - Attribution Share-Alike license, and the Open RPG Creative (ORC) License.

In the short term, we're going to provide quick urls to redirect to existing and already published SRD sites, eventually we will duplicate every SRD in a easy to use, easy to read, and easy to search format. With mobile, desktop, and accessability in mind.

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The SRD List

License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | Paizo Publishing

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Pathfinder 2

License | Open Game License 1.0(a) & ORC
Publisher | Paizo Publishing

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License | OGL 1.0a
Publisher | Paizo Publishing

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D&D 3.5

License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | Wizards of the Coast

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d20 Modern

License | OGL 1.0a
Publisher | Wizards of the Coast
Dungeon World

License | CC - Attribution 3.0
Publisher | Sage Kobold Productions

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Blades in the Dark

License | CC - Attribution 4.0
Publisher | One Seven Design
Cypher System

License | Cypher System Open License
Publisher | Monte Cooke Games

License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | Mongoose Publishing
Mutants & Masterminds

License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | Green Ronin Games
Play Manga d20

License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | d20PFSRD Publishing

License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | Grey Ghost Press
13th Age

License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | Pelgrane Press Ltd

License | OGL 1.0(a) & CC-Attribution
Publisher | Pelgrane Press Ltd

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License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | Evil Hat Productions

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FATE: Spirit of the Century

License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | Evil Hat Productions
Basic Fantasy

License | Creative Commons - Attribution
Publisher | Basic Fantasy

License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | VSCA Publishings

License | Open Game License 1.0(a)
Publisher | The OpenD6 Project
Open Legend

License | Open Legend Community License
Publisher | Seventh Sphere Entertainment

Why We're Here

With the leak of the OGL 1.1 by Wizards of the Coast, the TTRPG community has made its voice loud and clear. The community wants game systems to remain open and available for everyone. We believe in this idea so much in fact that it's one of the driving ideals behind our flagship product ConfirmedCritical.

This is not the first time WotC attempted to gut the OGL, and even if they reverse course, it very likely won't be the last.

There's a very real concern within the community that WotC may come after existing SRDs and demand they close shop. It's possible they may be able to legally do this based on a rather frustrating bit of legal wording. So we're going to index and duplicate every pre D&D 5th Edition OGL SRD we can.

Doesn't the Open Gaming Network already do this?

They absolutely do something quite a lot like this. The only difference is, they also support 5th Edition D&D, which means there's a chance that Wizards of the Coast may try to find some way to use legal language to hurt the Open Gaming Network.

So we're here as a second source, a backup of sorts. We completely and absolutely support and believe in the Open Gaming Network and what they do. And we're 100% on their side. In fact, many of our SRD links will refer back to sites like d20pfsrd until we get around to publishing our own copy.

Will WotC come for you too?

Nerd-Farm as a company made a decision long ago to not support WotC products after D&D 3.5. The first time WotC tried something like this was with 4th edition and the GSL. But since we never did any work with 4th Edition D&D, the GSL never applied to us.

By that same vein, we never worked with 5th Edition D&D. Which (while an OGL 1.0(a) licensed product) is going to be forward Compatible with OneD&D. This forward compatibility is what makes all existing 5th Edition D&D content potentially under the umbrella of the OGL 1.1. Because we have never once worked with 5th Edition D&D, we are free to continue to publish content under the OGL 1.0(a) license without fear of revocation or reprisal.

So you're not going to include Anything after D&D 3.5?

We won't include anything published for 5th Edition D&D or OneD&D. We will however publish other OGL 1.0(a) licensed game systems that came after D&D 3.5 so long as it hasn't published official compatibility with any of the above listed Wizards of the Coast owned properties.

If you want to play 4th Edition D&D, 5th Edition D&D, OneD&D, or any future Wizards of the Coast published versions. That's completely fine. We aren't going to tell you that you're wrong for enjoying those systems. There are plenty of WotC sanctioned resources available for those systems.

Why should I care about older editions?

Honestly, it's more than just "older editions". The OGL 1.0(a) made it possible for tabletop gaming to have a resurgence. A lot of other game systems like Pathfinder, Pathfinder 2, Starfinder, and more, have the OGL to thank for their creation.

Also, even for older versions of D&D covered by the OGL like D&D 3/3.5, there's plenty of people who enjoy those game systems. And we believe that there's no one right way to play TTRPGs, no single "correct" game system. They all have their pros and cons, their merits and shortcomings. We aren't in the business of telling people how to play their games. We want to preserve the ability for everyone to storm the castle, execute that heist, overthrow that tyrant, and save that galaxy in whatever way they have the most fun doing it.

What if a currently active game system adds 5e content to their SRD?

If we're maintaining our own copy of their SRD, then we will freeze our copy of their SRD prior to the addition of that content, and will not update our copy of their SRD further until we consult legal counsel on the matter. Maybe we'll be able to publish everything but that content. But more than likely, we'll need to freeze our copy the SRD at that point.

I don't see a specific game's SRD listed. How can I have it added to the library?

If you'd like to have an SRD added to the list, go ahead and let us know via the SRD request form.

You're really going to replicate all of the SRDs?

In short, yes. The longer answer is that we have paid employees who's job it is to sift through, categorize, tag, and organize TTRPG content. They've already done a lot of this work for some of the largest SRDs out there for out future product. We're going to leverage that existing work, and also task our Data Editors with the job of compiling other game's SRDs as well.

It'll take a while, but we feel it's worth it.

Who is Nerd-Farm?

The OGL SRD Library isn't exactly meant to be an advertisement for Nerd-Farm. So if you want to learn more about us, visit nerd-farm.com.



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